Best Molokini snorkeling on Maui


Molokini Crater

Molokini Crater is one out of three volcanic islets of its type in the world. Located off the coast of South Maui, here is one of the most incredible snorkel sites in all of Hawaii.

Characterized by its crescent shape, Molokini is a Federally protected marine and seabird sanctuary. Only reached by boat, Molokini Crater is a top Maui snorkel site. Also popular for scuba diving, visitors can travel underway to a rare islet that’s abundant with history, vibrant coral species, and Maui marine life.

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Turtle Town Maui snorkeling


Turtle Town
(Maluaka Beach)

Maui’s Turtle Town is formally known as Maluaka Beach. Aboard a Maui snorkel tour, snorkelers visit this site to see Hawaiian green sea turtles thriving in their natural habitat with a myriad of marine life.

Turtle Town is located off the coast of the Makena/Wailea area of South Maui. Although this Maui snorkel site is best reached by boat, the beach fronts the Makena Beach & Golf Resort. For snorkelers, the ocean is bountiful with Hawaiian green sea turtle and tropical fish varieties.

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Best snorkeling Olowalu Reef


Olowalu Reef

Olowalu Reef is a sanctuary for one of the most unique coral reef systems in all of Hawaii. Recently awarded as a Blue Hope Spot, Olowalu is a protected marine conservation area in West Maui.

Olowalu is located 4-miles south of Lahaina Town. Guests can visit Olowalu Beach, or they can book a Maui snorkeling tour to experience the incredible abundance of this rare Maui marine ecosystem. Here, visitors view an incredible variety of coral reef formations, tropical fish, and more. It’s an underwater oasis.

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Coral Gardens snorkel spot Maui


Coral Gardens

Maui’s Coral Gardens is located south of Historic Lahaina Town and Olowalu Reef. Fronting the dramatic cliffs of the West Maui mountain range, here is where guests can visit a naturally protected Maui reef ecosystem.

Coral Gardens is an in-the-know snorkel destination that is only reached by boat. Aboard a Maui snorkeling tour, guests will see a variety of vibrantly colored fish, and watch the Wrasse clean the shells of the Hawaiian green sea turtles. Decorated by lava fingers, it’s a pristine Maui snorkel location.

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Kam Beaches snorkel in Maui



In South Maui, visitors will find many amazing snorkel sites to explore at Kihei beaches. The most popular snorkel sites in Kihei are Charley Young Beach, Kama’ole 1, Kama’ole 2, Kama’ole 3, and Keawakapu Beach.

Charley Young is at the north end of Kama’ole 1, and provides easy snorkeling during calm mornings. Between Kama’ole 1 and 2, snorkelers can find tropical fish, beautiful corals, and turtles near the rocky point. Keawakapu is at the end of South Kihei Road, and offers awesome opportunities for experienced snorkelers.

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Wailea Beach snorkeling guide


Wailea & Makena

Wailea and Makena beaches are fantastic places to explore South Maui snorkeling. The most popular snorkel sites are Ulua Beach, Polo Beach, White Rock, Chang’s Beach, Five Caves, and the beautiful ‘Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Reserve Area.

Wailea and Makena beaches are fantastic places to explore South Maui snorkeling. The most popular snorkel sites are Ulua Beach, Polo Beach, White Rock, Chang’s Beach, Five Caves, and the beautiful ‘Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Reserve Area.

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Aerial view of Lahaina snorkeling spot



Typically, the best snorkeling in Lahaina is found by booking a West Maui snorkel tour, or by traveling to neighboring West Maui areas. But, just North of Lahaina Town, Wahikuli is nice for beginning snorkeling.

At Wahikuli Wayside Park, visitors will find a West Maui beach that’s outfitted with parking, showers, restrooms, picnic tables, BBQs, and paved walking trails. It’s kid-friendly and convenient, and many visitors see Hawaiian green sea turtles sleeping on the beach, or when snorkeling in front of the grassy lawn areas.

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Snorkeling in Ka'anapali Maui



Ka’anapali beach offers a handful of amazing snorkel spots for all ages and snorkel levels. Popular Ka’anapali snorkel spots include Hanakao’o Beach, Black Rock, and Ali’i Kahekili Beach which is also known as Airport Beach.

When snorkeling in Ka’anapali, guests will enjoy an underwater oasis that’s decorated with black lava fingers that stretch from the sand to deeper areas. Black Rock is an incredible West Maui snorkel spot where visitors see larger tropical fish species, colorful corals, and frequent visits made by Spotted Eagle Rays.

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Aerial view of best snorkeling in Kapalua


Napili & Kapalua

Napili and Kapalua are two of the most popular places to snorkel with Hawaiian green sea turtles in West Maui. The two sandy bays neighbor each other, so it’s easy to visit both in a day.

When visiting Napili, guests should arrive early in the morning when the water clarity is best, and before it gets too crowded. In Kapalua, snorkelers can view a variety of tropical fish and large coral reef formations. It’s advised that snorkelers do not swim past the point because of strong currents.

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Honolua Bay best snorkeling


Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a favorite Maui beach for surfing, and snorkeling. The best time to snorkel at Honolua is in the Spring, Summer, and early months of Fall. During the Winter, it’s a surfing beach.

Maui snorkel tours travel to Honolua Marine Reserve, but visitors can also venture here on their own. If entering Honolua from the beach, snorkelers should be extremely careful to not touch or step on the fragile reef. Honolua snorkeling provides opportunities to see colorful schools of fish, and gorgeous corals.

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