Is the food included in the price or could that be removed from the package?

Food and drinks are included and cannot be removed.

If individuals choose to stay dry and not snorkel, can they drink while others swim?

Yes, anyone not participating in the snorkel or any water activity may take advantage of the bar as soon as we depart the harbor.

Is the departure time flexible at all?

The earliest departure for our afternoon snorkel charter is 2:30p as we have a morning tour operating from 8a-2p.

Do guests have the ability to play music through a device of their own?

Yes, you can bring your own iPad/phone and connect it to the vessel’s sound system.

Best Day on Maui

What does the trip include?

We offer a 5-hour Snorkel Adventure that heads out to both Molokini Crater and Turtle Town. We provide our guests with a continental breakfast, savory lunch, open bar, all of your ocean gear. Please keep in mind that we also offer SNUBA.

Will we see turtles?

It’s very likely that we’ll see turtles, however, it’s not a guarantee being that they are wild life. But we’ll take you out to a location where they’re often seen.

Is this just a SNUBA trip?

This is a snorkeling trip that offers our guests the opportunity to also do SNUBA all on one trip.

Why can’t I just book SNUBA?

SNUBA is an optional upgrade that we offer on our Best Day on Maui Cruise. But this is not just a SNUBA trip.

What happens if we can’t make it to Molokini Crater?

If we can’t make it to Molokini Crater our Captain will always make sure to get you folks out to another beautiful snorkel destination. Safety is always our number one priority and we want you to be safe and comfortable in the water at all times.

How deep is it?

It’s about 70 ft. at Molokini Crater and 30 ft. at Turtle Town.

Is the water cold in the morning?

The water temperature stays around 70 degrees year round but if you find that to be too cold for you, we do have wetsuits available on board for you to rent for $10 (cash).

How much time will be spent snorkeling on the Whale Watching trip?

We’ll snorkel for about an hour and then head out to do some Whale Watching.

Private Charters

Can we book a charter for today?

Unfortunately, we need at least a couple of days to put together a crew, as well as providing the meals and drinks that come with the Private Charter.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Due to the Hawaii State Liquor Law we don’t allow any of our guests to bring their own alcohol on board. However, we’re more than happy to provide that for you and add that to your Private Charter.

Why does it say $1600 on your website?

Our Private Charters start at $1600 but goes up in price depending on the size of your party, how many hours you would like to charter the boat, and if you decide to add any of our upgrades.

Can we go to a different snorkel location?

Yes, as long as the weather permits we’d be happy to take you folks out to a different snorkel location.

Wedding Cruises

Can we get married on board?

Yes, we have guests that have both their ceremony and reception all on our vessel.

What kind of decorations are we able to bring?

You’re more than welcome to bring your decorations. We just ask that whatever you bring be tied down securely to the boat to avoid anything flying into the water.

Where am I supposed to wait before the ceremony?

In the past we’ve had our groom upstairs, while our bride waits downstairs until the ceremony begins. Then at that time you’ll head upstairs and we can have the ceremony next to our captain’s cockpit right before the sunset.

What are the prices for the upgraded menu?

Please let me know what menu items you’re interested in and I’ll check with our chef to see how much it’ll be.

Can I bring my own photographer?

Yes, of course!