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Turtle Town

Turtle Town is a beautiful snorkel location along Maui’s southern coast. Turtle Town offers a series of underwater lava formations, valleys, and craggy overhangs in very shallow water ranging from 10 to 40 feet.

The coral reef at Turtle Town is a colorful home to a diverse ecosystem. Along with its main attraction, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Turtle Town boasts a broad range of tropical fish and other unique marine animals like the butterflyfish, parrotfish, damselfish, surgeonfish, tang, wrasse, cardinal fish, squirrel fish, soldier fish, triggerfish, the former Hawaii State Fish Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, goatfish, snapper, hawk fish, jacks, trumpet fish, cornet fish, needle fish, eels, crustaceans, octopus and other invertebrates.

swimming with sea turtles
turtle town maui

Turtle Town is a sanctuary for the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, and is a perfect pairing as a second location after snorkeling at Molokini. There are no turtles at Molokini, (other than the very rare sighting of a single Hawksbill Turtle). Our guests, really the opportunity to spend time with the sea turtles at Turtle Town. Swimming with the graceful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles is a memory not soon forgotten.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles were declared an endangered species in 1978, and are protected by law.

hawaiian green sea turtles

Sea turtle

It is unlawful to touch, chase or ride the turtles. If you calmly observe them in their natural habitat the seat turtles at Turtle Town will often swim close to you. This provides an opportunity for you have a close look at the world’s largest hard-shelled turtle.

Sometimes the Green Sea Turtles swim to shore, crawl up on the beach, and warm up in the sun to regulate their body temperature. The turtle’s tend to go to the surface to breathe every few minutes though able to remain submerged for more than two hours.

The sea turtles at Turtle Town stay close to their reef habitat and sanctuary.


Sea turtle

Sightings are very common and swimming in the water with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles which can grow up to four feet across and weigh as much as 400 pounds, is a life time memory. Our 50 foot Uniflite with fewer passengers, offers an un-hurried pace and time to really relax and enjoy the wonders of our beautiful island.

Snorkeling with the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles at Turtle Town definitely qualifies as one of the wonders and unique opportunities Maui has to offer.

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